A Wardrobe Full of Clothes & Not a Thing to Wear

“You are standing in front of your wardrobe trying to decide what to wear for a night out with friends. Draws are opening and closing, hangers on the floor, clothes discarded as you say to yourself “why did I ever buy that” or “I should throw this out as it no longer fits but it was really expensive”, “I like this dress but the colour drains me”, “I just want to look and feel special and there is nothing in my wardrobe”, “I wish I could turn my wardrobe full of mostly unwearable clothes into a wardrobe that I love and feel good wearing”.

Sadly, most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe – the other 80% just sits there taking up valuable real estate and not to mention all that money just sitting there doing absolutely nothing.

  • Do you know what your body shape and proportions are?
  • Do you know what colours suit you best?
  • Do you know how to dress with style and uniqueness while still looking youthful despite your age.
  • Are you confused and intimidated by the choice of clothing in the shops.
  • Do you know where to shop and which labels reflect your true personality, lifestyle and budget?
  • Do you know how to spend less but have more.

Would you like to be inspired by your clothes that truly reflect the inner you so you wear them with ease and confidence – knowing that you look and feel amazing.

Don’t put your needs off any longer.  This is your time and I can help you discover your Style Signature.  Click here to find out which one of my services is most suitable for you.