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Jo Shiers

Jo Shiers guides women to successfully navigate their lives, accept and appreciate who they are, and express their personality and purpose with style.

Jo has a depth and breadth of life experience that she brings to her client work.  Jo helps her clients to redefine who they are, to take courageous action, and to have the confidence to stand up and be heard.

Jo’s client’s become more visible – to themselves first and foremost, and to others.  After working with Jo, her clients feel they are in charge of their lives, perhaps for the first time ever.

Jo believes that so many things are possible for women in their 40’s,  50’s, 60’s and beyond.  To seek adventure, to be curious, to expand choices, to redesign lives, to dream.

Jo’s clients consistently say that working with her is fun, transformative and empowering: lives change, dreams are ignited and smiles abound.  Jo helps her clients see possibilities they never knew existed before.

Jo’s mission in life is to help women dissolve the insurmountable challenges they see in their lives and create beautiful lives of their own stylish design.

Jo believes every women is beautiful, every woman has style and every woman has power – it’s just a question of unlocking and expressing that beauty, power and style.


Jo is available as a keynote speaker, workshop leader,

conference panellist and media commentator talking about navigating life after 40,

self acceptance, personal style and creating a style life.


Jo Shiers

Mobile: 0400180184

Email: jo@thestyleadviser.com.au