A Motherless Mother

Being a motherless mother is truly a wonderful experience.

Up until just over thirteen  years ago I never celebrated mothers day because my mother passed away when I was just seven.  It was always a bit of a strange feeling growing up knowing that my friends were having a lovely day with their mothers and I was very lonely for mine.

Fast forward to 2001 and my little baby girl was born which meant I was somebody’s mother and therefore felt I could really celebrate mothers day.  I love being a mother and right from my very first mothers day, I made sure my husband made a big deal over mothers day, but not for the reason you might think!  It wasn’t because I needed the attention, what I really needed was for mothers day to be all about my daughter feeling she had a mothers love worth celebrating, to feel the joy and excitement of planning and “cooking” breakfast in bed for me and presenting the “beautiful and very useful” present she bought for me at her school mothers day shop (oh lordy)!

I wanted her to experience what I never had and it is not about material things either.  When you have lost your mother, the only thing you really want, is for her to be with you so you can speak to her, touch her and feel her love.

To have that now with my own daughter is truly a miracle worth celebrating.

This is what I wore to a Mothers Day Luncheon I attended in support of young girls in East Timor .



Shirt is from Feathers (you can buy it here)

Cape is from Metalicus (you can buy it here)

Pants are from Witchery last season

Sunglasses from Mui Mui

witchery pants

My fellow mothers and gorgeous girlfriends Barb, Claire and Anna. xxx



I hope you had a loving mothers day.


Jo xxx


How To Find Your Signature Look


The Style Adviser

These pants take a little bit of courage to wear but definitely worth it!

What is a signature look you ask?

Your signature look is a reflection of your personality.   It should represent all the words that you would use to describe yourself and how you want to be perceived.  When people think of you, they are picturing you in your signature look.     (Jo Shiers)

Why is it important?  Creating a signature look is an important step in self discovery.  A signature look signifies a considerable amount of self-knowledge; you know what you like, who you are and what suits you?  People recognise you for it.

A few weeks ago I was at Chadstone Shopping Centre shopping with one of my corporate clients when I heard my name being called  – Jo! Jo! I turned around with my arms open ready to be greeted by someone I obviously knew very well considering the energy put into attracting my attention; but was surprised to realise I had never met this person I was wrapping my arms so tightly around, all the time thinking; “Who the hell is this!”.

The stranger said “Jo, you don’t know me, we have never met”


And with that I loosened by grip and backed away slowly.

“I’m Elspeth and I follow your Facebook page (www.facebook.com/thestyleadviser) and I recognised you by your orange pants”.

Then it hit me, the lovely Elspeth who has been such a loyal and supportive visitor to my Facebook page for the last three or four years.

She said she looked into the crowd and noticed in a sea of bland black and grey colour was a vision of vibrant orange making its way towards her.  Almost blinded by the vibrancy of the orange, her eyes moved upwards and there I was walking purposefully around the shopping centre with my client.

You see when I wear orange it makes me feel happy, confident and relaxed and it is obvious to those around me.  Orange is part of my “Successful Style Signature” of course I wear other colours but for me, orange is part of my personality.  I am recognised for it.

The pants I am wearing in the photo are from Feathers and I have them in black as well because they are  THE most comfortable, wearable, washable, go anywhere, dress up or down pair of pants on the market. If you travel for work or for pleasure (lucky you) then I highly recommend you check them out because they will be a great asset to a business and travel wardrobe.  I am doing a fair amount of business travel this year and I will be packing these beauties in my suitcase.

Another part of my style signature is statement jewellery, particular necklaces  – unless you can see my necklace from the freeway – I haven’t done my job in being true to myself. I love wearing statement necklaces for their beauty but also because I have a full bust and by wearing a statement necklace, it creates balance and draws attention away from my bust and up towards my face.

Now because I own my own business, I have the luxury of creating my own “work dress code” and I adapt my code of dress  to the clients I am working with because I could be shopping with a client or I could be at a company delivering presentation skills to their staff but I will always stay true to my signature look.

So, how do you find your successful signature look, one that reflects your true personality and one that portrays confidence and competence?  Here is a really simple and quick exercise for you to do.

  1. Make a list of words that describe you, then narrow it down to 3 or 4 words. eg words that describe my personality are; relaxed elegance with a touch of drama!
  2. What are your favourite colours and how do they make you feel? Three of my favourite colours are orange – because it makes me feel happy, energetic and its dramatic; Navy – because it is less harsh than black it makes me feel elegant. I love white too because it really lifts my complexion. The gorgeous white coat I am wearing is from Lisa Barron.  It is really important to get in touch with the feelings you have when you think of your favourite colour.  Notice how my colour feeling words match my personality words.
  3. Now whenever you are putting together an outfit to wear or buy, think of the words you have come up with and make sure that your outfit reflects those words.  Whenever I get dressed I know straight away if  the outfit does not make me feel relaxed, elegant with a touch of drama.
  4. Now it is your turn.
statement necklaces and an elegant look reflect my personality.

statement necklaces and an elegant look reflect my personality.


Do you know what your signature style is? Let’s hear it or better still head on over to www.facebook.com/thestyleadviser and post a photo of you and your unique style.


the style adviser



The 2 Minute Make Up Demonstration


Most of my clients tell me that they don’t like to fuss around when it comes to spending time putting on their everyday makeup.  Sound familiar? Let’s face it  none of us have an abundance of time to spend preening ourselves in front of the mirror – not that we don’t deserve it but we just don’t have time.

runway room makeup

Keeping it simple

When I have a special occasion to get all prettied up for then I will go all out and leave myself enough time to spend doing my hair and make-up which I actually quite enjoy if I have the time.

But for an everyday, wash and go, get out the door fast kind of make up routine then I can do it comfortably in 2 minutes or under.  I know impressive right?  Well listen up because I am going to share my knowledge with you!

Part of my role as an image consultant/stylist is to be able to advise my clients on the right kind of make up that will do the following:

  1. Be of the highest quality
  2. Affordable
  3. Suit their colour direction

Knowing as much as  I do about colour and what colours suit different people, it is easy for me to make sure my clients are choosing the right make up for their colour direction.

I have introduced a new range of makeup to my clients and I would like to introduce it to you too!  It is called Runway Cosmetics and it is has been created by Alex Fevola who is one of the most dynamic entrenprenuers that I have met.  She wears many hats and has her fingers in quite a few pies but her passion is in her make up range.

make up brush sets

It all starts with a quality brush set

I think she is on to something big because her make up range covers all the three requirements that I look for (mentioned above).  I have been trialling it now for many months and I am an absolute convert.  Alex has been a make-up artist for 18 years and some of you may have seen her handy work on the recent series of “The Block”, I didn’t watch it but Alex and her team did the make up for the wedding of two contestents and on the auction night their makeup was also done by Alex and her team.

I am holding a series of make up workshops so I can show you what I have been taught personally by Alex and her equally talented sister Zoe.

These workshops are great way to learn how to apply makeup if you are short on time, want good value for money and enjoy supporting an Australian business.

I have a workshop this Friday 17th October from 12 .00pm – 2.00 pm, at my studio in Highett 11/539 Highett Road. At a small cost of $35.00.  I have spaces left but  try and cap it at 8 people so that I can give everyone individual attention.  I do a quick colour analsys to determine if you have a warm or cool undertone – something that you will not find a cosmetic counter at a department store.

If you are interested in learning how to apply makeup quickly with a beautiful natural finish then this workshop if definitely for you.

Interested? then be quick and contact me on 0400 180184 or email me at jo@thestyleadviser.com.au

learn the tricks of the trade by the best in the trade

learn the tricks of the trade by the best in the trade


the style adviser








2 Ways to know if the Camera or the Mirror is lying?

You bet it does baby and with no remorse whatsoever!  Shameful?  Absolutely.

1. Mirror or Camera

I have lost count of the amount of times that I have been ready to  have my photo taken, I will admit I am on the vain side so I always do a one last check in the mirror (okay maybe more than one check) to make sure everything is where it should be (if you know what I mean!) and then a quick photo is taken usually my husband, daughter or in desperate situations, our dog Buddy.  I do a quick check  to make sure the camera  has captured my inner beauty and low and behold the damn photo has not done what it should have done. It does not look like I did in the mirror!  In that case another quick 500 photos are taken and I end up settling on one or two to put in a post either here or on Facebook.  Camera or iPhone is put away until next time.  So in this scenario, I believe the camera does lie not the mirror.

the style adviser

Top from Camilla. Leather pants from Witchery. Pearl necklace from Shanghai.


2. How We Lie to the Camera and The Mirror

Another thing I have noticed about having my photo taken on a daily basis is that the camera doesn’t necessarily lie but it doesn’t tell the whole truth either.  If you look closely enough you will see some tired eyes in my photos due to my life long battle with insomnia but apart from that, I usually look very happy and relaxed.  The truth is that this year has been one of the most personally stressful years I can ever remember having.  I am not going to go into detail as to why, some of you reading this will know why and I have shared with you recently my daughters health challenges but that is only part of the story.  Sometimes I am amazed when I look at a photo and I am smiling and playing up to the camera because I know the day I have had and it bears no similarity to the photo whatsoever.  We all have to put on a different face sometimes depending on the situation.  You can’t go into work everyday laughing like a hyena because your life is so much fun and equally, you can’t go into work every day crying like you belong on “The Bold and The Beautiful”!  There is a time and a place.  So in this scenario, it is me that is lying – not the mirror and not the camera.  I choose to tell the story I want you to see.  Does that make sense?



These photos were taken a couple of weeks ago when I was emotionally and physically exhausted and I had a function to go to in the evening so out came the camera and I put on my best smile and pose, photo taken and off I went.  Try and remember what impression I made on you when you looked at these photos, what were you thinking?

A photo is no different to real life, we are very quick to judge people on their physical appearance, in under seven seconds we have made some sort of assumption about the person in front of us based on nothing more than what they are wearing, their facial expression and if we are really in tune we may notice some body language but in that seven seconds we are mainly focusing on the physical appearance.

I find this topic fascinating, the way it only takes us a mere seven seconds to make an impression and how we are unconsciously speaking when we present ourselves.  I will be writing more on the subject.

What are your thoughts.  Does the camera lie and are you happy it does sometimes.


the style adviser


The Harem Pant – Pilates style

Its a fine line between love and hate

Especially when it comes to the harem pant or more modernly known as the “drop crotch” pant – interesting description don’t you think? going into a shop and asking for a pair of drop crotch pants.  Anyway as the saying goes “it is what it is”.

I fall into the category of “love” and I know many of you fall into the “hate or loath” category but either way is okay right? We respect each others choices and individuality.

I have lots of people say to me “I love them on you but I could never wear them”. It really comes down to two things; one is your personality and the other, is willing to at least give them a go because they are so unbelievably comfortable and anything that is so comfortable you hardly know you are wearing them are definitely worth a try.

Stay with me.

Yes, harem pants can add weight to fuller figures, however, it is all about your body proportions and the fabric of the pants and with the right pair, you can create a stunning, sensual and exotic look depending of course of the occasion. Today we are talking about wearing the harem pant to PILATES or yoga so we may not necessarily be looking for sensual! We will leave that for another time.

As you can see here I am wearing a fitted stretch jacket with a diagonal zip that extends from the hemline right up to the collar so I can wear the collar open or zipped up and folded over. Why is this important? Its important because it brings the eye upwards to my face and less so to my harem pants. My intention was to create a look of harmony that is why I am not wearing an oversized top because that would definitely make me look bigger and lose my shape.

I am following the Principles of Volume: Don’t wear two garments with volume at the same time. Instead wear one slim fitting garment with a voluminous one.

harem pants

How to wear harem pants


When I am wearing this outfit whether it be to PILATES or taking my dog for a walk; I feel comfortable and funky and and that makes me happy because I am being true to my authentic personality. Wow! I have just realised there is a another topic I can help you with “How to dress to represent the authentic you” and that is when you create your own style – not copying someone else’s.
In the next post I am going to show you the “Sophisticated Harem Pant”.
Are you a harem lover or a harem loather?

What Are Three Colours You Know You Look Good In?

One of the questions in my e-course “Living Your Life Stylishly” under section 2 “Your Stylish Wardrobe”, I ask what are three colours you know you look good in. The reason I ask you this is so that you start to become aware of what you instinctively now but perhaps don’t realise. At first you might be thinking “I haven’t got a clue” or “I think I look good in xxxxxx colour but I’m not sure and some of you will have no problem listing three colours. Everyone is different and that is why answering questions about yourself is a good lesson in helping you to realise what you do know about yourself and areas that you may require assistance. The colours that you know you look good in will be the colours that as soon as you put them on, not only will they look good on you but you will immediately feel good because wearing the colours that suit you make you look and feel healthier, vibrant, energetic and youthful.

Another benefit of discovering which colours suit you is that it installs confidence in your decision making when choosing an outfit to wear. The feedback I have been getting from people that have completed the “Living Your Life Stylishly” e-course is that they have found the questions to be not only relevant but they are learning about themselves as they think about their answers and by writing the answers on paper it gives provides clarity in their thinking.

Many of you will know that my signature colour is orange. I look and feel great when I am wearing this colour – I love it and it loves me. Another colour I look good in is “my white” and by that I mean each of us has a different shade of white that is in harmony with our skin tone. My white is not a bright white, more of a soft off-white and it brings energy to my face. If I am tired the first place it will show is on my face, my skin lacks colour and energy and that is why wearing my best colours are so important, especially as we age because our skin dulls down with every decade.

Here I am wearing “my white” in the middle of Melbourne’s winter but I have added a navy blue blazer, tan belt and tan suede boots to anchor the white.   I have had this blazer for over five years and it has paid for itself many times over. It has a lot of stretch in it so it is super comfortable to wear and I love the cuff on the sleeves – a little point of difference to separate it from looking like every other blazer.

What are three colours that you know you look good in?



My white will be different to your white. It will depend on your skins undertone.


Add a darker jacket to your white outfit for winter


Tan suede ankle boots, tan belt and a statement necklace brings the outfit together


Welcome to my first post of “The Runway and the Real Way” series

For some time I have wanted to create something that was going to be of real value to you, I appreciate your time is precious and if you are going to take the time to read my posts then I want you to get something out of it.

This is for you to learn, be inspired and get some great tips.

So often my clients and friends are telling me that they see something they love either  in a store, online or on the runway but they are not sure or confident in knowing how it would work for them, their lifestyle and budget.  This series of posts is going to show you just how to do that.  You will get some tips on how to create an outfit that you have seen on the runway and make it into something that is a reflection of your true personality.  It is important to remember that this doesn’t just apply to new clothes,  the information you will get will enable you to “shop” in your own wardrobe and create an outfit that is “new” but hasn’t cost you anything.

This autumn/winter I am rediscovering my love of navy.  I had overlooked how flattering navy is on me rather than black, as Navy is a lot less harsh.

Wearing navy is great for day or evening, I would even go as far as saying it is more versatile and flattering on women than they realise.  Black on its own is definitely not for everyone but in my humble opinion, navy  does suit most people, you just need to find the shade that is right for you.  Of course the problem with buying navy is that there is not a lot of it.  You want black? not a problem, it is on the racks twenty four seven, fifty two weeks of the year – but not navy.

Pair navy with all your neutrals eg. camel, white, cream, grey and it will also look sensational with orange, red and pink in all their glorious shades.  Bit of a winner really, the old navy.

Buying an expensive coat, jacket, shoes, handbag in navy will never be a foolish decision as it is timeless, elegant and will hold its own and keep coming back for more.  Having said that, I don’t actually own anything expensive in navy – yet!  I would have to say that most of my wardrobe would happily sit well with navy and I put it to the test recently when I purchased a cardigan from Witchery and cargo style pants from Country Road both in navy as seen below.  I am very happy with both purchases because a) navy is a great neutral (base colour),  b) the  pants and the cardigan are very versatile as you can see below I have styled them quite differently  and c) both items match back beautifully with everything else in my wardrobe.

Are you a navy woman?  Are you willing to give it a try?

Until next time.




The runway


Country Road cargo pants

Pants from Country Road.  You can find them here.

32400_163812_84110Versatile and super comfy – the smart alternative to the track suit pants.


 Pair navy with neutrals and your favourite colours.

Cardigan from Witchery.  You can find it here.


Witchery drape cardigan.





the real way


Don’t forget to add some jewellery to reflect your personality


Casual relaxed look.


Dress it up by wearing some ankle boots


Don’t be afraid to show a “little” bit of skin. Keep them guessing!

Alterations Can Be So …….. Altering

Alterations can be so ……. altering

And annoying.

Do you find it frustrating when you buy a pair of absolutely knock out pair of trousers that you absolutely love, they tick all the boxes, you are excited by the endless number of occasions you will be able to wear them but there is a tiny, tiny, problem….  said pants are only about 25 cm too long in the length.  Bummer.

Clothing Alternations

This is pretty much the one thing all of my clients have in common and that is almost every item of clothing they try on will need some alteration.  Very rarely it “fits like a glove” and that is because clothes are not made for you.   The manufacturers are making garments to a certain model size, which is usually a size 6 – 8 (bless them).  The average Australian woman is a size 16.  Can you start to see why you will very rarely, if ever,  find what I call “the glove” meaning “clothing that fits like a glove”.   It is just not going to happen.  Even if you are a size 8 it is still no guarantee, because your proportions will be different to the manufacturers perfect woman, which you and I know  she does not exist but that subject is for another day.

The problem with this is that once you have handed over your hard earned dollars you feel a bit cheated to then turn around and spend another $30 – $50 on getting it altered.  My advice is that  you have a really good look at your garment and see where a few nip and tucks could make all the difference. Even if your garment wasn’t expensive, it will look expensive if you have it altered to your proportions and if it highlights your best features.  Most of my friends assume my clothes are expensive but they could not be further from the truth (in most cases anyway).  It’s because I make sure they fit properly and if I have to spend a a little bit extra on alterations, then so be it. Its worth it.

It can be frustrating to have to spend the time and money on getting your clothes altered but my experience is that it can transform an outfit.  Here are few tips to keep in mind:-

  1. If you are spending what you consider to be a large amount of money on a piece of clothing then I would recommend that if needs altering then get it done.  It is going to make all the difference in the way the garment sits on you and when it sits right it will look sensational.  Guaranteed.
  2. Jackets, blazers, coats etc are items that usually need altering either in the sleeve length or where the buttons sit at the front.  If it doesn’t fit across your shoulders comfortably – too big or too small, then leave it on the rack (as long as its not your rack).
  3. Pants.  Sometimes I can get away with not taking up the hem of pants or jeans but not very often.  Once again, manufacturers are mass-producing a garment so it has to fit the tall, the short, the wide, the slim etc.  Getting the hem right can make or break an outfit.  If the hem is too long it can look sloppy and have a negative impact on your overall look.
  4. Dresses can be tricky because you don’t want to be adjusting too many areas of the dress.  When I am assisting a client and even for myself, if three or more areas  have to be adjusted then it’s not worth it.  You will find something more suitable.  This will depend on the type of dress, occasion and the cost.  Common areas of a dress or top that need adjusting are; the length, the armhole (gaping) and a dart or two to give it shape at the waist.


Do you take the time to have your clothes altered or better still, can you do it yourself on your very own sewing machine?  If you can, I am very jealous.

If you need help with tailoring, altering or getting your wardrobe in order then pop over here and see me at The Style Adviser.

See you next time.



Keeping It Real

For a change of pace I thought I would share with you what I wear when I’m working out. I don’t want you thinking all I do is play dress ups!

I have to exercise but it’s not something I jump out of bed and leap for joy about I can assure you. I suffer with a condition called Fibromyalgia and I manage in a number of ways: moderate exercise like walking and pilates. I have been doing Pilates twice a week for a number of years and it has helped enormously. I also take some medication on a daily basis and manage my stress levels – not always as easy as you all know I’m sure.

Today was my walking day and it was made extra pleasurable because my sister joined me.

You might find this hard to believe but not that long ago I was competing in triathlons but the intense training was too stressful for my body and in the end made my fibromyalgia worse. I’m proud of that achievement but the thought of doing all that training now makes me feel quite queasy – I don’t know how I did it.



What form of exercise do you do?


The Runway and The Real Way

You know I love to share with you all the nice clothes and jewellery that I come across and then I suggest ways in which they can work for you.

Well…. this year

I will be introducing a segment called “The Runway and The Real Way by the Style Adviser”.

What that means is that I will be “modelling” or showcasing clothing, accessories and home-wears that you would normally see in high quality catalogues or modelled on the runway, which can sometimes leave you with the feeling that you could never achieve that look or feel.

Many times when I have shown you an outfit, shoes or handbags etc, you have asked me where I got them from. And I have always tried to demonstrate how you can take someone else’s look and make it your own. So there will be lots more of that sort of thing. Oh and a few giveaways for some lucky readers along the way!

It’s going to be very exciting and I will be doing what I love and do best – helping you to create your own style in your own way to suit your own budget!

I am pretty sure you will be interested but what about your friends? Why don’t you “share” this page with them so they can “like” my blog and join in on all the fun.  Jump over and like our Facebook page as well.

Below is a sample of what is to come. I will be creating a couple of outfits around these necklaces and then in a week or so I am going to introduce you to the boutique where they came from! In future I will be showing you the outfit with all the information and links to where you can buy it. It will make life much easier for you.

Hope you are as excited as I am.

Let me know what you think?