Do You Know What Your Style Is?

Would you like to learn how to discover your Unique Style Signature?

Hi.  I’m Jo Shiers from The Style Adviser and I’m here to help you discover your Unique Style Signature.

A Style Signature is a look that is all your own – it is created by all the elements that make up you  – your passions, your values, your lifestyle and your inspirations.  It reflects all that is positive about you.

When you discover your Unique Style Signature it can be very empowering.     It helps you to communicate who you are, what you want and how you live your life.  Your style signature is so much more than just dressing for your body shape.

When people meet you they are quickly making an assumption about you based purely on the clothes you are wearing and how you present yourself.   So ask yourself, if my clothes could talk what would they say about me. Would they be speaking the truth?

Your clothes should flatter your physicality, express your different moods and intentions, highlight your personality and be appropriate for all aspects of your lifestyle.

There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to style, I tailor-make each consultation to suite your specific needs.   I offer a variety of ways that you can work with me and at prices to suit every budget.  If a one-on-one consultation isn’t in your budget then come and join one of my workshops – its less expensive then a personal consult and of course it’s always fun – something I insist on at all times.