1 Day Style Makeover Workshop

Discover your Style Signature

product-workshop-1-day-style-makeoverThis is a very personalised small group workshop which I limit to 4 people and are usually run once per month depending on demand.

I am a stylist who collaborates. Its imperative. I listen to what your requirements are. I take into consideration your lifestyle, your colour direction, body shape, proportions and where you are at in your life.

  • I will individually assess your body shape and explain to you the rules that apply to your shape so you can chose clothing with confidence, ensuring you look slimmer, taller and accentuating your assets and hiding the areas you are not so fond of.
  • I will guide you through a step by step process where you will discover your individual style signature that represents your true personality.
  • Bring your complexion alive and look vibrant and youthful when you wear colours that suit your personal colouring. Once I have individually worked through your colour direction, you will confidently be able to identify your signature colours.
  • Feel confidant and at ease in your wardrobe choosing an outfit without frustration and stress. I will give you a step by step formula to carry out your own wardrobe audit that will give you a wardrobe that is easy to manage and maintain while supporting the new you. Remember a wardrobe should be a place of fun and satisfaction not disappointment and being overwhelmed.
  • Cut your shopping time down by half and lose the feeling of being overwhelmed. I will individually give you a list of shops that suit your signature style, body shape and age that you can target on your next shopping trip. You will be surprised just how many there are and some of them will surprise you.
  • Feel confidant that you are not dressing too young or too old. I discuss age appropriate dressing in each style element and when individualised, you will be clear on what is appropriate for style signature.
  • Look years younger when you finish off your new look with makeup colours that reflect your colour direction and demonstration of how to apply makeup to suit your lifestyle and personality.

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