“Girls Day Out” Styling Workshops

product-workshop-girls-day-outMy Styling Workshops are a fun and cost effective way of learning about style, image, wearing the right colours, wardrobe editing, shopping and how to work current trends and make them your own. It is a fun time together and its a wonderful opportunity to discover your unique Style Signature .

Can you and some (if not all) of your friends relate to this:

  • Having a wardrobe full of clothes and nothing to wear.
  • Not knowing what colours suit you, what neutrals are best for you.
  • Not knowing what style of clothing suits you.
  • Are you and your girlfriends at a point in your lives where your body shape has changed and you can no longer identify with what your actual shape is now?
  • Are you struggling to find clothes that fit and flatter your shape?
  • You feel current fashion is aimed at women a lot younger than you.
  • Do you know where to shop for you! There are so many shops that I guarantee you do not go into now but after my workshop you will think very differently and you will know where they are and what to look for.
  • You might be experiencing menopause or the onset of menopause which brings a whole new set of issues eg. weight gain particularly around the mid section.
  • Are you scared of either dressing like your daughter or dressing like your mother. I am going to show you a whole new way of dressing authentically. I don’t even talk about “age appropriate” – that is way too restricting and quite irrelevant really. Finding your Unique Style Signature is really about discovering yourself.
  • Has your life has changed? (divorce, death of a partner, new job) and heading in a direction that has taken you by surprise and you have lost track of who you are and how you present yourself.


Say goodbye to your fashion frustrations and get your girlfriends on board and book a workshop with me. Just click right here – it’s that easy!