“Shop Like a Stylist” Personal Shopper

product-one-on-one-shop-like-a-stylistChoosing what to wear involves more than just covering our bodies or presenting the appropriate image of ourselves to the world – it is loaded with emotion. We all want our clothes to make us look gorgeous, shapely, and confident. Chances are if you are visiting my website, you are aware that the clothes you wear have the power to convey a great deal about your personality, your outlook, and your self-image.

Seemingly “effortless” style is a fantasy, an imagined state of fashion euphoria where every stitch of your wardrobe magically coordinates. Fashion magazines make it sound so easy and accessible . It’s not. What will keep you sane and not heading for the nearest wine bar instead of shopping is to shop with a plan. I will teach you how on any shopping trip, in any season, to think first about your shape and proportions that are best for your body.

It is not surprising then that this is one of my most popular services because it addresses the most common issues women experience when shopping:

  • Their body shape and/or lifestyle has changed but their wardrobe has not?
  • They don’t know how to shop for their body shape and are guessing and hoping for the best when trying on a item of clothing
  • They don’t know where to shop for their age and style because it seems like everything is aimed at a much younger market
  • Getting frustrated and stressed because nothing seems to fit or look any good when trying on clothes
  • They are relying on sales staff that are more often than not half their age for clothing and accessories advice
  • Regretting purchases and making costly fashion mistakes
  • Buying the wrong clothes and never wearing them so they end up just wearing what the same clothes all the time
  • Time poor
  • They only wear black because they are scared or unsure of colour or do not know which colours flatter them so they stick to the same trusty black clothes in their wardrobe each and every time
  • Their current clothes are a poor reflection of who they are and how they want to be perceived

Remember, we are after your individual style signature. Don’t worry about every trend the style watchers are banging on about. I will show you how to take charge of your fit, adapt only what seems relevant, focus on the ideas that will suit your silhouette, and you will be a position to make informed, intelligent decisions.

  • You will discover the right foundation pieces that are critical to any well-conceived wardrobe
  • You will know where to shop for you!
  • Getting stressed and frustrated will be a thing of the past because you will forever be armed with the right knowledge on how to shop.
  • No more style ruts for you
  • I will teach you how to get the most out of your budget
  • No more costly fashion mistakes
  • You will feel confident and attractive
  • You will be wondering why you haven’t done this before!

Don’t hesitate any longer. You can make a booking right now with just one click…