Silver Programme

Personal Image and Style Empowerment Programme

Silver ProgrammeBody Shape and Style Analysis

3-4 hours

Colour Consultation

2-3 hours

Successful Shopping

2 hours

Phone call and email access to me with any questions that may arise during the 8 week period.

Take Home Tools:

What are take home tools and why are they necessary?

The reason I give you the take home tools is because we will be spending many hours together and it is impossible for you to remember everything that I will be teaching you. These tools are full of information and step by step guides that are specific to you. Think of them as your tool kit that you can access at any time and you will always have your body shape styling tips on hand!

  1. Your personalised “Style File” is an invaluable resource guide with over 60 pages of practical information about your unique personality style, shape, proportions and loads of ideas and examples of how to put an outfit together.
  2. A “Colour Swatch” of over 50 colours unique to you that we have identified in your colour consultation. Your swatch of colours will be so easy to use and if you leave it in your handbag you will always have it as a reference to use when shopping for clothes or when you are putting together outfits from your wardrobe. My clients love their colour swatch because it takes the guess work (and stress) out of knowing what colours suit you and what colours go together.
  3. Your very own personal “Colour Guide”. Your Colour Guide is similar to your “Style File” in that it is a great resource because it includes; your colour profile, the finer points of your palette, investment buys, shoes & accessories, colour psychology, using your colour swatch, wearing colours that are not favourable and much, much more.

This programme can be utilised over an 8 week period.