The Wardrobe Edit

product-one-on-one-wardrobe-editYour wardrobe should be a place of happiness and organisation – not clutter and confusion with leads to fear and lack of confidence (and tears!)

  • Do you realize that most women only wear 20% of their wardrobe? The 80% doesn’t get a look in and is totally ignored. This is a sad but true statistic and one that most of us relate to.
  • Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams but you still have nothing to wear?
  • Is your wardrobe full of the same styles or colours? And are the right style and colours for you?
  • Is your wardrobe a total mess?
  • Or do you simply need to know what works and what doesn’t?

Jo Shiers, The Style AdviserDuring a wardrobe edit I will go through your wardrobe with you sorting your clothes into three sections.

  1. Clothes and accessories that are loved
  2. Clothes and accessories that you wear but don’t love
  3. Clothes and accessories that are never (or hardly ever) worn

I will introduce new ways to wear garments creating new outfits – I call this “shopping your wardrobe”. This can be very rewarding and a lot of fun because you feel like you have a new outfit and it hasn’t cost you a cent!. I will discuss what you need and don’t need. I will teach you how to best store your clothes and organise your wardrobe.

WardrobeYou will have your own Wardrobe Worksheet that I fill out during the wardrobe edit so that you know what to prioritise post edit eg. items that need replacing or repaired, shopping priorities of what is missing in your wardrobe, accessories to buy, a list (or photos) of new looks that we have created from your existing wardrobe.

If you are ready to create a wardrobe that truely reflects who you are, have racks, cupboards and draws that are neat, easy to navigate and that you choose outfits from then don’t waste anymore time and pick up the phone and call me or contact me.

This usually takes a minimum of 2 hours (depending on how much we have to go through) and remember this includes teaming up accessories (shoes, scarves, jewellery etc) that you already have in your wardrobe.

I will be offering you tips, tricks and styling know-how so you feel confident to choose outfits long after I have left.