My husband loves my new clothes and is amazed at how many outfits I purchased on such a small budget.  He said “every husband should get their wives to shop with Jo – she would save them a fortune.” ~  Karen

“Thank you for spending time with mum yesterday.  As you know, she has been feeling very low since dad passed away last year.  She told me that the wardrobe editing process was quite carthotic for her as she was able to say goodbye to some clothes that she was emotionally hanging on to and is now free to move on.” ~ Lisa

“Jo is very geniune and has an indepth knowledge of styling and colour.  She also is a lot of fun to be around.” ~ Kathy

“My husband is ecstatic he no longer has to hear me winge about having nothing to wear.” ~ Gail

“I can’t believe what you have done.  I have discovered me again!  I feel more confident now than I have ever felt.  I love my new clothes.” ~  Tess

“Since having my colour consultation with you, I have had so many compliments from people saying how young and healthy I look and its all because I am now wearing my right colours.” ~ Helen

“Thank you Jo for the wardrobe edit and colour analysis.  It was such an eye opener for me to know there are colours I can wear other than just plain old safe black.” ~  Janie

“Thank you for a great experience and your caring support.  You really did much more for me than I expected.” ~  Elizabeth