Step 1: The ‘Bespoke You’ Style Discovery Session

Personal style isn’t just about clothing, it is about making sure what’s on the outside matches what’s on the inside.


If you have ever felt awkward or lacked confidence in what you're wearing... then you’ve experienced what I call: “imposter clothes”! 


Imposter clothes are clothes that might look fancy... but intuitively you know they are not in harmony with the true you.


The ‘Bespoke You’ Style Discovery Session will help you identify, explore, and develop your very own ‘bespoke’ personal style, tailor made for the life you lead and the impression you want to make.


According to a recent businessInsider study, first impressions are formed within the first 7 to 17 seconds - and 55% of opinions are determined by your physical appearance alone. 

And often just the smallest wardrobe change can make a huge difference in the way people perceive you and instantly upgrade the initial impact you make when meeting someone for the first time.


After a ‘Bespoke You’ Style Discovery Session with me you’ll be able to walk out of your bedroom each morning, and not give a second thought to what you're wearing for the rest of the day.


You’ll KNOW you're looking your absolute best in any situation you find yourself in.  Be it work or social, you name it - you're ready!


You will leave this session not only understanding how to trust and foster your “Intuitive recognition”, but how to develop a better understanding of style and of the person you are.

Step 2: The “Fits Like a Glove” Body Shape Analysis

Once you understand and learn to love your unique body shape, shopping becomes an absolute breeze because you develop a “Fits Like a Glove” Radar


Time to face facts. Not all clothing suits all people and there’s no such thing as a ‘cookie cutter’ body. We’re all built differently.


But too often we end up buying clothes that just don’t fit us or if they do, for some reason we still don't feel quite right wearing them.


The result is, we end up with a wardrobe jam packed with clothes we know we’ll never wear.


The good news is the  “Fits Like a Glove” Body Shape Analysis calibrates and celebrates your unique Body Shape to determine exactly what works best for you and what’s best to avoid.

At The Style Adviser we assess every detail and aspect of your body shape, proportions and scale to accentuate your best features and overcome any challenges. 


We provide expert advice about shapes, styles, brands, patterns, materials, lengths, detailing, cuts, lines and accessories designed to flatter and fill you with confidence as well as pointing you towards the ‘go to’ stores that cater best to your specific needs.

Step 3: Your Colour Harmony GPS

Ever wonder why some colours work on you? And others just DON'T!


I’m talking about colours that make you look washed out, pale, tired or just plain unwell! 


The good news is there is a specific list of colours that are ‘tonally you’ and only you.


By looking at your hair, your skin tone and eye color, I’ll be able to reveal your dominant colouring and the colours that compliment it.


So what are your colours? And what colours have you been wearing that you definitely shouldn’t be? Believe me, the answers can be life changing.  Armed with this invaluable information, the way you shop for clothes will change forever. In a heartbeat you'll be able to zero in on colours that make you look and feel amazing and instantly recognise those best avoided.

Finally, I’ll guide you through your individual colour “pallet”. Containing all 47 colour swatches in your range, it lays out your best neutral colours as well as those colours that make you “pop” and the combinations that work well together.


At the end of the consultation, I’ll present you with your own Style Adviser Workbook; a personalised overview detailing your individual style notes as well the specific clothing styles you should look out for and those to avoid. I'll also include my ‘go to’ shopping checklist pinpointing the best shops for you plus a list of brands I believe you’ll love.   


Presented in a smart phone friendly PDF file, it’ll be there at your fingertips everytime you shop. 


Finally, we'll present you with your own personalised style mood board to encourage and inspire you and ensure your future wardrobe choices stay on point.

Step 4: The “Freedom Wardrobe” Project

The secret is choosing clothes that work... clothes that work for your unique body shape...and colour tones that suit your personality...


I’ll help you understand what items really suit you and why ...and what you should let go of to free yourself from all the clutter. Finally, everything will have its place and you’ll be able to open your wardrobe with confidence and find the outfit you need every single time.

Step 5: The “5-Foundations” Confidence Calendar

As the saying goes, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail!


With the Style Adviser's “5-Foundations” Confidence Calendar, you’ll have every season and event scenario covered.


Never again will you experience a feeling of dread when you receive an invitation to a special event, because you’re convinced you have nothing suitable to wear... 


The “5-Foundations” is a versatile system of wardrobe organisation, built on the essentials.


Based on your calendar of needs we establish 5-Foundational pieces that can be mixed and matched to create over 30 outfits, so no matter the event or occasion, you’ll have it covered!

This session is designed to show you how to create a variety of looks and get more out of your wardrobe as well as honing future shopping goals to maximise purchases once you get them home.


So when you need an outfit for an upcoming event, whether it be a family wedding or an important business presentation, you’ll have it covered and can select the perfect outfit for any event, every time.

*Package 2 Exclusive

Step 6: VIP “Shopping With the Expert” Experience

(2-hour Shop tour)

The VIP “Shopping With the Expert” Experience is all about New Beginnings... “It’s like a Day Spa for your self esteem, only it lasts for years”!


If you're confused about where to shop or just sick and tired of trying clothes on for hours... taking four or five items into a cubicle, only to realise they’re all the wrong sizes? 


I will help you choose the best stores for your style and budget, and before our outing even begins I will pre-shop the stores and have selections ready and waiting for you to make the experience fast and easy and help you fill those wardrobe gaps with informed, versatile choices

This is about guilt free shopping for clothes that last... and making an investment in yourself with confidence.


Let’s face it, you deserve it - and you're worth it and after just one session with me, shopping will become an absolute breeze.



Because for the first time in your life, you’ll know exactly where to shop and understand the exact type of clothes that DO work for your personality and body type… AND NEVER WASTE MONEY AGAIN

The “Fits Like a Glove” Body Shape Analysis

Your Colour Harmony GPS

The “Freedom Wardrobe” Project

The “5-Foundations” Confidence Calendar

The “Bespoke You” Style Discovery Session

The “Fits Like a Glove” Body Shape Analysis

Your Colour Harmony GPS

The “Freedom Wardrobe” Project

The “5-Foundations” Confidence Calendar

“Shopping With the Expert” Experience


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